Acquiring healthy qi

Nutritional changes and self-management of one's energies are always required to enhance healthy qi, healing and repair. The inside-out approach represents the patient's role in acquiring healthy qi.  


Tom and Alanna have extensive knowledge of both Western and Eastern nutritional practices. Understanding how the body uses fuel dictates how to choose the best fuel for the body. In addition, certain conditions benefit from specific foods, like using turmeric for inflammation. Tom and Alanna will provide recipes and practical ideas on how to incorporate food changes to optimize your wellness.

Medicinal Formulas

Herbal medicine has been used by traditional societies for thousands of years. The Chinese kept meticulous notes on the outcomes of their herbal practices; and as such, their formula-based medicine is extremely effective. So effective, it was a part of the 2015 Nobel Prize.  Medicinal formulas are available in many forms from liquid tinctures to powder extracts, capsules and even raw form.

Meditation and Qi Gong 

Meditation has been studied by Western science and has been proven to increase grey matter in the brain, while also promoting better healing and repair. Qi gong, translated as "energy work" encompasses various forms of meditation where the qi is cultivated while the mind is settled.  Many qi gong forms involve physical movement paired with meditation such as tai chi.  Read more about tai chi and health here.